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Item Artist Release Date Label Distributor Format
????? ???? Kanto 2019-03-22 Kanto & TGRBOUND Digital
Limbo Kanto! 2019-01-06 800200 Records DK Digital
Reminisce Kanto! 2018-08-02 800200 Records DK Digital
Repetition (Asia) Kanto 2018-05-25 IMPORTS IMPORT VENDOR CD
Memory (Feat. Aahins) Kanto! 2018-05-10 800200 Records DK Digital
Indecisive Kanto! 2018-03-28 800200 Records DK Digital
Citrus Kanto! 2018-03-08 800200 Records DK Digital
Irrelevant Thoughts Kanto! 2018-02-28 800200 Records DK Digital
14216 (1st Mini Album) (Asia) Kanto 2016-10-07 IMPORTS IMPORT VENDOR CD
Girl Kanto 2016-08-01 Kanto Digital
Crack! Kanto13 2019-05-11 1213699 Records DK Digital
#thankstopewdiepie Kanto13 2019-05-04 1213699 Records DK Digital
Crucifixion Is The Answer Kanto13 2019-04-26 1213699 Records DK Digital
Aquafina Kanto13 2019-04-04 1213699 Records DK Digital
Dropped A Body, Time To Dip! (Feat. Neverendingbass) Kanto13 2019-03-25 1213699 Records DK Digital
Glock Cocked (Feat. Neverendingbass) Kanto13 2019-03-25 1213699 Records DK Digital
Polní Kvítí Kanto?i 2018-05-29 SUPRAPHON a.s. Digital
Krakonoš?v Rok Kanto?i 2017-04-07 SUPRAPHON a.s. Digital
Cancoes De Sempre Carlos Kanto 2017-01-13 Digital
El Amor Es Asi Carlos Kanto 2017-01-13 Digital
Magico Carlos Kanto 2017-01-13 Digital
Life Ras Kanto 2016-11-07 Digital
Carlos Kanto Carlos Kanto 2016-02-08 Digital
El Lobo Kanto Kolombiano 2014-05-30 RGS Music / Fogón Digital
Roberto Carlos Mix Carlos Kanto 2013-10-26 Digital
Cancoes De Sempre Vol. 6 Carlos Kanto 2010-10-29 Digital
El Amor Es Asi Carlos Kanto 2010-10-29 Digital
Magico Carlos Kanto 2008-04-20 Digital
Kanto M.Gn. 2018-12-16 Digital
Kanto Refractions 2017-06-23 Refractions Music Digital


Track Item Artist
Track 1: Kanto Kanto M.Gn.
Track 1: Kanto Kanto Refractions

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