Boxcar Racer


Format: CD
Label: MCA
Catalog: 112894
Genre: Rock & Pop
Rel. Date: 05/21/2002
UPC: 008811289423

Boxcar Racer
Artist: Boxcar Racer
Format: CD
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It's kind of funny what great lengths guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummerTravis Barker have gone to distance Boxcar Racer from their steady meal ticketBlink-182. After all, Boxcar Racer is pretty much Blink-182 on steroids: biggerrock riffs, denser production, but the same sharp melodic instincts you'vecome to expect from your favorite potty-mouthed trio. Even though the wholeproject ultimately seems like an excuse to come up with a really cool logo andsell a few thousand t-shirts, at least DeLonge gets to indulge his sensitive/adultside as a songwriter. "I Feel So" and "Cat Like Thief" (withvocals by Rancid's Tim Armstrong) continue in the same excellent vein as"Adam's Song" and "Stay Together for the Kids." Andfor all the die-hards waiting for another chronicle about grandpa crapping hisshorts, well, there's always the next Blink-182 record-or Mark Hoppus"side project"-to look forward to.